VIKOS® Anterior-Lumbar Allograft System

VIKOS® Anterior-Lumbar Allograft System combines quality machined allograft with precision instrumentation. In addition to both 5°, 10°, & 15° implant options in a large range of heights, VIKOS is available with a complete offering of preparation and insertion instruments.


  • 100% Cortical Graft Cut From the Femur
  • 23 – 30 mm Footprints Available in Heights Ranging from 9 – 19 mm in 2 mm Increments
  • Lordotic Options of 5°, 10°, & 15°
  • Spiral Ridges to Resist Migration
  • Insertion Feature Allows for Rigid Connection to Instruments
  • Bulleted Nose Allows for Ease of Implantation
  • PRESERVON®-Treated Bio-Implants are Packaged in a Hydrated State & Do Not Require Rehydration
  • Processed by LifeNet Health®, a Leading Allograft Bio-Implant & Regenerative Medicine Company

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