VENADO® Carbonate Strip Bone Graft System

The VENADO® Carbonate Foam Strip Bone Graft System is a sterile bone graft composed of 20% purified type 1 collagen and 80% carbonated calcium phosphate bone mineral for excellent resorption characteristics. Following implantation, VENADO Carbonate Strip resorbs and remodels into natural bone.*


  • Compression Resistant, Formable, & Moldable Osteoconductive Bone Scaffold
  • Highly Porous Structure Allows Bone Cells to Migrate Into the Graft
  • Biocompatible & Biodegradable
  • Processed by Collagen Matrix, Inc.

*Resorption time depends on the degree of vascularization at the surgical site, the amount of grafted material, the grafting technique, & other variables related to the patient, such as age, gender, & medical history.