TERRA NOVA® Minimally Invasive Access System

The TERRA NOVA® Minimally Invasive Access System is designed to be used with the SERENGETI® Minimally Invasive Retractor System. This intermuscular approach features a spine-based method of retraction and distraction.  This simplified, low-profile design provides enhanced visualization and direct access to the intervertebral space for implant insertion.


  • Unique, Spine-based Retractor Design Provides Stability & Prevents Migration of the Assembly Intraoperatively
  • All-in-one Retractor Distractor Blade Design Provides the Capability to Simultaneously Retract Tissue Medially While Distracting the Disc Space
  • Intermuscular Approach Simplifies Access to L5-S1 for Enhanced Implant Insertion
  • Ability to Compress & Distract Bilaterally with Minimal Instrumentation
  • Direct Visualization & Access to Intervertebral Space Provides Tactile Feedback for Simplified Implant Insertion
  • Low-profile, Ergonomic Blade Design Provides Visualization of the Working Field with Potential for Reduced Muscle Creep