NILE® Proximal Fixation Spinal System

The NILE® Proximal Fixation Spinal System is specifically designed for proximal construct augmentation. NILE Proximal Fixation consists of bands, connectors, and anchors* that may be used in conjunction with spinal rod constructs for attachment to the posterior vertebral structures at the proximal end of the construct.

*The anchors are not FDA cleared or available for sale in the United States.


  • Woven Bands to Provide Strength & Maintain Structure
  • Bands are Color-coded to Indicate Orientation
  • Smooth Band Surface Finish
  • Low Volume & Profile Connectors
  • Band & Rod Locking Mechanisms Independent of Each Other
  • Multiple Styles of Connectors; Semi-adjustable (Single & Double Slot), Adjustable, & Medial Offset
  • Can be Used to Provide Additional Fixation in a MESA®, MESA 2, EVEREST®, or  DENALI® Spinal System Construct Through Sublaminar Passage or Attachment to an Anchor*
  • Applicable Technology

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