EVEREST® Minimally Invasive XT Spinal System

The EVEREST® Minimally Invasive (MI) XT Spinal System  features EVEREST screw technology with metal extensions for minimally invasive rod delivery and reduction. With the addition of EVEREST MI XT to an existing portfolio featuring EVEREST MI & SERENGETI® Minimally Invasive Retractor System technologies, Stryker now has one of the most comprehensive MI screw offerings on the market.


  • Closed-top mixed-metal design allows for slim profile while maintaining robust tab-to-screw connection
  • Internal threadsb allow for built in rod reduction & Reduction Tunnel offers external reduction while simultaneously reinforcing tabs
  • Screw fenestrations with corresponding luer lock compatible instrumentation for saline delivery
  • Low-torque all-in-one tab removal technique
  • Removable tab top provides versatility in rod insertion technique
  • Low-profile XTower® sleeve enables intraoperative functionality as an extended tab or rigid tower system based on surgeon preference