CHESAPEAKE® Anterior-Lumbar Stabilization System

The CHESAPEAKE® Anterior-Lumbar Stabilization System is a multi-screw construct that provides stability to the anterior column, while reducing the need for supplemental fixation* in the lumbar spine. This system offers a comprehensive range of sizes carefully designed to assist with the restoration of sagittal balance and disc height. Featuring tifix® Locking Technology, CHESAPEAKE allows for appropriate implant placement required to achieve fusion. 


  • Anterior Fixation with Zero-profile Design
  • Featuring Revolutionary tifix® Locking Technology, Which Requires No Additional Locking Mechanism
  • A Multi-screw Construct with 14° Converging Angles
  • Manufactured from Biocompatible PEEK Polymer
  • Full Range of Sizes Designed to Offer a Comprehensive Solution to aid in the Restoration of Sagittal Balance & Disc Height

*Hyperlordotic Implants (>15°) require supplemental fixation.

  • Applicable Technology

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  • tifix technology cervical plates and screws