CAYMAN® Minimally Invasive Plate System

The CAYMAN® Minimally Invasive (MI) Plate System is specifically designed for insertion through the RAVINE® Lateral Access System’s true muscle-splitting Retractor. The single-level, stackable design allows for one-level and multi-level constructs. The CAYMAN MI plate has a low-profile design and the screws lock to the plate upon insertion, utilizing the revolutionary tifix® Locking Technology.


  • Four-screw Fixation
  • Plate Positioning Based off ALEUTIAN® Lateral & CASCADIA™ Lateral 3D Interbody Systems Implant Placement
  • Plates Matched ALEUTIAN Lateral & CASCADIA Lateral 3D Implant Heights
  • Screw Holes Biased 15° Normal to the Plate
  • Assortment of Awls, Drill Guides, & Drills Available

Licensed from Prof. Dr. D. Wolter U.S. Patent 6,322,562

  • Applicable Technology

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  • tifix technology cervical plates and screws
  • RANGE® Complex Spine Technology