CAYMAN® Buttress Plate System

The CAYMAN® Plate Systems provide a simplified solution to address fractures, tumors, and degenerative conditions in the anterior and lateral spinal column. Distinguished by the innovative tifix® Locking Technology, the CAYMAN Thoracolumbar Plates, Lumbar Plates, Sacral Plates, Buttress Plates, and Minimally Invasive Plates do not require any additional locking mechanism, as each screw head forms an autogenic lock to the plate upon insertion.


  • Four Plate Systems to Address Anterior & Lateral Spinal Fusion Procedures
  • Innovative tifix® Locking Technology
  • Flexibility to Insert Screws Conically Up to 15°
  • Screws Lock to the Plate Upon Insertion
  • No Extra Locking Mechanism Needed
  • Applicable Technology

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  • tifix technology cervical plates and screws