CASCADIA AN 3D Interbody System

The CASCADIA™ AN 3D Interbody System includes a full range of implant sizes carefully designed to accommodate the vertebral anatomy. This system is used in conjunction with instrumentation that allows for both direct implant insertion and in-situ rotation. Lamellar 3D Titanium Technology™ incorporates 500 um longitudinal channels throughout the implant, which in conjunction with transverse windows, create an interconnected lattice designed to allow for bony integration. *


  • Titanium Interbody with Approximately 70% Porosity*
  • Roughened Titanium Surfaces Have Been Shown to Demonstrate Increased Protein Expression in Contrast to Smooth Titanium Surfaces
  • Increased Bone Graft Volume Compared to Equivalent PEEK Design
  • Convex Design to Match Vertebral Anatomy

*Pre-clinical data may not represent clinical results.

  • Applicable Technology

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