ALEUTIAN® Transforaminal-Lumbar (TLIF) Interbody System

The ALEUTIAN® Transforaminal-Lumbar (TLIF) Interbody System offers innovative instrumentation that facilitates more efficient intraoperative use of the system, including the Adjustable Inserter, which allows for variable angulation of the implant from 10° to 60° in-situ, and enables the surgeon to insert the TLIF implant with precision and ease.


  • 10 x 27 mm Footprint in a 7° Lordotic Option
  • Full Selection of Implant Heights Ranging From 7–17 mm
  • Designed to Allow for a Large Grafting Space
  • Bulleted Nose Allowing for Easier Insertion
  • Manufactured of Biocompatible PEEK Polymer