Lamellar 3D TitaniumTechnology™

K2M’s Lamellar 3D Titanium Technology™ uses an advanced 3D printing method to create structures that were once considered impractical with traditional manufacturing techniques. Starting with a titanium powder, the implants are grown through the selective application of a high-energy laser beam, allowing for the incorporation of both a porosity and surface roughness that pre-clinical data have associated with bone growth activity.*

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BONE ONGROWTHrsz_ongrowth

K2M’s Lamellar Titanium Technology incorporates titanium with a surface roughness of 3–5 μm and is designed to allow for direct bony ongrowth.

BONE INGROWTHrsz_ingrowth

K2M’s Lamellar Titanium Technology incorporates 500 μm longitudinal channels throughout the implant which, in conjunction with transverse windows, create an interconnected lattice designed to allow for bony integration.


The porosity inherent with the Lamellar Titanium Technology in conjunction with the proprietary product design, results in an approximately 70% porosity overall, and therefore a decreased radiographic signature.



* Pre-clinical data may not represent clinical results.