• When should I apply for an open position?

    You should apply for an open position as soon as it is available on our website.

  • I didn’t find a job that matches my interests. How can I stay informed of future openings?

    Candidates are able to set up job alerts through our careers page. This allows candidates to receive custom alerts when jobs open that match their specific criteria.

  • What if I see more than one position that appeals to me for which I am eligible?

    We encourage you to read the job descriptions of the jobs you are interested in. Candidates should apply for any roles which they are qualified for.

  • When will I hear back if I am selected for an interview?

    This can vary based on the number of candidates who have applied for the role. Most candidates will be notified within a few days of submitting an application. Our goal is for all candidates to be notified within 2 weeks, however the length of time to review all applicants depends on the position. We will contact you if you meet the qualifications of the position. If you have additional questions, please Contact Us.

  • What is your typical interview process?

    Our typical interview process starts with a candidate applying on our careers page. After review, qualified candidates will be scheduled for a 30 minute phone interview. The final step of the interview process is typically being invited to visit our Leesburg Headquarters for an in person interview. Candidates will be notified via e-mail whether or not they will move to the next step in the process. The interview process may vary for roles that are temporary or based outside of our headquarters.

  • What should I expect on an interview?

    On an interview, candidates should expect to receive a 30 minute tour of our facility, to meet with several key decision makers to the role and to meet with a representative from Human Resources.

  • Do you have part time positions available?

    We occasionally have part time positions available. If a position is part time, that will be reflected in the job title.

  • I have a friend or family member that I think will be a good fit for a position at K2M, how should I let them know?

    You can let a qualified candidate know about an open position by selecting that job on our careers page and choosing a method to refer the job. You can refer a job via e-mail, Facebook or LinkedIn.

  • Do I need to have experience in the medical field?

    Most of our roles do not require previous medical industry experience. For those positions requiring experience in the medical field, the requirements will be reflected in the job description.

  • Who can I contact regarding the status of my application?

    Questions regarding application status can be directed to toptalent@k2m.com.

  • What can I do if I am having trouble applying?

    Contact Us with questions regarding problems applying.