Spine Education & Clinical Research Support

K2MCompassGraphicFINALK2M  is driven to make a positive impact on patients and communities globally. K2M reviews numerous grant and fellowship requests each year with the goal of supporting health care professionals with training and educational opportunities, as well as driving developments in quality patient care.

The K2M Compliance Department supports the grant and fellowship process by administering a program that is in line with the Advamed, Eucomed, and other applicable codes. Decisions to fund programs are made by members of senior management based on documentation provided for bona fide support of grants.

Grants and fellowships are not provided to encourage or reward the prescription, purchase, ordering or recommending of K2M product. Awards are determined independently without regard to the volume or dollar value of either any current business or that which may potentially be generated by the program sponsor.


Clinical Study or Research Grant Request

Please contact Caitlyn Seidl with any questions.

CME Grant Requests

1. Register / Log In:
Please visit: requestportal.stryker.com. When logging in for the first time, you will be required to register.
Please have W9, Accreditation Certification and IRS Determination Letter (if applicable) available for
upload. If you have previously registered, please log in with your email username and password.
2. Complete application:
Once logged in, click on “Submit New Request.” Select the appropriate request type and follow the
instructions provided. You must sequentially complete the application form. You will be required to upload
supporting documents and acknowledge terms and conditions before submitting the request.
3. Submit request:
Once the application is complete, select “Submit.” You will receive an email notification with a request
identification number. Submission of a request does not imply approval.
4. Await notification:
Review of the request does not commence until all required information and documentation is submitted. If
the request is incomplete, the review may be delayed or denied. Additional information may be requested to
make a decision. You may check the status of a request anytime via the “Submit/View Request” or “Status”
section within the system. Decision timing is based on the event date of the request and internal reviews.
You will be notified via email of the educational review committee’s decision regarding support as soon as
possible. Only the committee can provide the official support decision.
5. Execute letter of agreement:
All approved requests require a formal commitment through the completion of a Letter of Agreement, which
is facilitated electronically. This letter must be signed by an authorized signer of the requesting organization
before a payment is completed, product released or the activity takes place. This is facilitated electronically.
Payments will be made to the organization listed on the W9.
6. Reconciliation:
All grant requests that receive funding will require a reconciliation of expenses within 90 days of the
activity end date. Please be prepared to report the following: actual revenue generated from registration,
grants, exhibits/sponsorships and other sources, actual funding from all other supporters, excluding Stryker,
actual program expenses, actual expenses funded by Stryker, amount due back to Stryker, final budget (if

Requests should be submitted at least six (6) weeks prior to program start date.