Social Responsibility


K2M places emphasis on the safety and wellbeing of our employees and is committed to being environmentally conscious and responsible at all levels. The company complies with all relevant federal, state and local environmental legislation and focuses on reducing its environmental footprint.


Safety and Wellbeing

K2M is committed  to providing our employees with a safe and healthy work environment. K2M focuses on the wellbeing of our employees by providing onsite health and fitness offerings including a 3200 square foot fitness facility in K2M’s new corporate headquarters. K2M is dedicated to providing a compassionate workplace for employees and fostering a family work environment. This is accomplished through flexible hours, an onsite mother’s room, and working with children through ‘bring your child to work’ days.

Environmental Responsibility

Climbing the Mountain of Innovation without Leaving a Footprint

K2M is committed to reducing the potential for waste and harm to the environment. In doing so, we comply with all relevant federal, state and local environment legislation. As part of K2M’s effort to minimize waste and conserve energy.

K2M is committed to:

  • Implementing green initiatives for office waste
  • Promoting recycling, both internally and amongst customers and suppliers
  • Reducing energy consumption by running K2M’s electricity and HVAC system on an automated and integrated management system
  • Minimizing product packaging and reducing the waste stream in all aspects of the manufacturing process