Spine Devices SupplierK2M, Inc. is an innovative spinal device company committed to the research, development, and commercialization of simplified solutions for the treatment of complex spinal pathologies and procedures.

The relationships we forge with suppliers are key to the company’s agility, competitiveness, and ability to meet customers’ needs. K2M’s supply chain team seeks to partner with suppliers who share our vision to provide industry leading products. We look to our suppliers to provide superior customer service by maintaining the highest standard of quality, on-time delivery, and embracing a culture of continuous improvement.

K2M selects our consultants, subcontractors, suppliers, and vendors objectively and manages our relationships with them in a fair and objective manner. Our selection of subcontractors, suppliers, and vendors will be made on the basis of objective criteria, including quality, technical excellence, cost/price, schedule/delivery, services, and maintenance of adequate sources of supply.

K2M’s purchasing decisions will never be compromised by personal relationships or influenced by the acceptance of inappropriate gifts, favors, or excessive entertainment. We encourage our subcontractors, suppliers, and vendors to establish their own business conduct and compliance programs, and expect them to conduct their businesses within the highest ethical standards and in full compliance of the laws, rules, and regulations governing their business operations.

California Transparency in Supply Chains Act: Supplier Disclosure Statement

K2M seeks to foster and maintain a culture of compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations, and the highest standards of ethics and business conduct with respect to forced labor and human trafficking and slavery.  Our commitment to fostering this culture of compliance extends to our relationships with suppliers.  Specifically, K2M does not support, encourage or endorse any form of forced labor or human trafficking and slavery in our operations or in our supplier networks.  With the exception of one manufacturing facility in Germany, we also manufacture all of our products in the United States, which mitigates the risk of human trafficking and slavery in our supply chain.  We also require suppliers to permit K2M, upon advance notice, to access facilities to assess suppliers’ compliance with K2M’s policies, and K2M does routinely conduct quality audits of its suppliers.  In addition, we have incorporated rules against forced labor into our terms and conditions for suppliers.  A link to K2M’s supplier terms and conditions can be found below.  Employees and contractors of K2M are expected to know, understand and live up to K2M’s Code of Conduct and to that end K2M provides training sessions on K2M’s Code of Conduct for new and existing employees.  Employees have a duty to report any known or suspected violation of the Code, or any laws, rules or regulations applicable to K2M.  Reporting such violations helps to safeguard the reputation and integrity of K2M and its employees.  K2M has also established an anonymous Compliance Hotline, which includes telephone and web access and that is available to employees, their families, suppliers and customers or anyone as another channel to report or seek guidance on issues.  The Compliance Hotline can be found here in Section 1 of the Code of Conduct.

Supplier Terms and Conditions and Purchasing Codes

For your convenience, we have included our Terms and Conditions and Purchasing Codes


Form SD - Conflict Minerals Disclosure and Report

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