SERENGETI® Complex Minimally Invasive Retractor System

The SERENGETI® Complex Spine Minimally Invasive Retractor System offers the ability to easily attach rigid Tunnels to the DENALI® MI or EVEREST® MI screw. The SERENGETI Retractor allows for visualization and the Tunnels provide the option for complex reduction, compression, and distraction.


Minimally Invasive Reduction Tunnels

  • 30 mm of Controlled Reduction
  • Rigid Fixation to Screw Head
  • Audible Click Confirms Attachment
  • T-Handle & Pear Handle Attachments
  • Allows for Final Tightening

Above-Skin Compression & Distraction

  • All-in-one Instrument for Both Compression & Distraction
  • Standard Compressors & Distractors Available
  • Fulcrum Allows for Variability & Ease of Placement

Removal Device for Detachment of Reduction Tunnels Prior to Rod Insertion

  • Applicable Technology

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  • RANGE® Complex Spine Technology