SAHARA® AL Expandable Stabilization System

The SAHARA® AL Expandable Stabilization System is a multi-screw construct designed to provide stability to the anterior column while reducing the need for supplemental fixation in the lumbar spine.* The SAHARA platform marks an advancement in technology over static interbody options by allowing for in-situ lordotic adjustment to match sagittal profile through one fusion device.


  • Anterior Lumbar Fusion With a Low-profile Design That Reduces the Need for Supplemental Fixation*
  • In-situ Lordotic Adjustment Designed to Match Sagittal Profile
  • Incremental Expansion Provides Visual & Tactile Confirmation
  • Comprehensive Offering of Footprints, Heights, & Lordosis to Fit Patient Anatomy
  • Manufactured from Commercially Pure Grade II Titanium, Titanium Alloy, & Cobalt Chrome

*Hyperlordotic angles (>15°) require supplemental fixation

  • Applicable Technology

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  • tifix technology cervical plates and screws