MESA® 2 Deformity Spinal System

Innovation like always. Speed like never before.

The next-generation MESA® 2 screws are top-loading, low-profile, and feature Zero-Torque Technology®. The streamlined instrumentation is designed for efficiency and speed. This system is poised to address the most difficult correction maneuvers for complex spinal pathologies.

*NOTE: This product available for domestic use only.


  • Dual-lead Screw for Faster Insertion
  • Zero-Torque Technology®
  • No Profile Above the Rod
  • One-step Final Locking Over Quickets
  • Revolutionary Design of Quickets Provides Ability to Accomplish Correction Maneuvers in All Planes & to Quickly Apply & Remove
  • Unique Instrumentation Provides Slow, Controlled Correction of Spine, While Distributing Forces Across Entire Construct
  • Ability to Segmentally or Globally Derotate Spine to Achieve Axial Plane Correction
  • Applicable Technology

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  • RANGE® Complex Spine Technology
  • Rail™ 4D Technology
  • Posterior Spinal Fusion