Spine Education & Clinical Research Support

K2MCompassGraphicFINALK2M  is driven to make a positive impact on patients and communities globally. K2M reviews numerous grant and fellowship requests each year with the goal of supporting health care professionals with training and educational opportunities, as well as driving developments in quality patient care.

The K2M Compliance Department supports the grant and fellowship process by administering a program that is in line with the Advamed, Eucomed, and other applicable codes. Decisions to fund programs are made by members of senior management based on documentation provided for bona fide support of grants.

Grants and fellowships are not provided to encourage or reward the prescription, purchase, ordering or recommending of K2M product. Awards are determined independently without regard to the volume or dollar value of either any current business or that which may potentially be generated by the program sponsor.


CME Grant Requests

K2M supports grants for independent medical education in an effort to further the advancement of medicine and healthcare with the goal of improving the knowledge of the medical community.

Educational Grants (Independent Medical Education) are generally identified as education for health care providers (HCPs) such as a community hospitals, academic centers, society/associations or medical education and communication companies. To request an educational grant, please complete the application below.

Fellowship Program Grant Requests

K2M supports grants for fellowships or funding to further the advancement of post graduate medical education. Such funding can be made to clinical or research fellowship programs or residency programs that provide advanced training for surgeons or residents. Requests should be for programs that are accredited or well known and respected. Fellowship or residency sponsorships may be supported through a third party or to the institution hosting the fellow or resident, but never to an individual physician. Individual physicians or healthcare professionals should not make a request for their own purpose or benefit.

Fellowship grant requests are reviewed in the first calendar quarter of every year and fellowship awards are made by March 31. For a fellowship grant to be considered for a particular year, the completed applications must be submitted to K2M by March 1 of that year. To request a fellowship grant, please complete the application below.